Digital Experience of Jupiter Artland


Designing interactive experience of Jupiter Artland, contemporary art park and gallery, showcasing outdoor work by leading sculpture and land artists. The customer did not specify or recommend any specific solution, relying on the designer. Inspired by Tate Worlds project, by Tate Gallery of Modern Art, Minecraft as a solution was suggested.


  • Producing a digital experience of Jupiter Artland for the promotional and educational purposes.
  • An immersive digital experience for the visitors, especial for the main target audience – children.

Target Audience

Primary School Children are around 70 % visitors of Jupiter Artland. They also participate in variety of art workshops as Jupiter Artland works with local schools. Some of the children compare features of Jupiter Artland to Minecraft. Therefore Minecraft is a suitable, efficient and interactive solution for the project.

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Conducting observations of the space, visitors and their behaviours as well as conversations with Jupiter Artland volunteers and workers, lead to important conclusions for the project, allowing to specify the way how visitors use the space and what makes it special:

  • a countryside combined with artworks
  • surreal feel of the space
  • presence of dogs and other animals
  • a variety of landscapes
  • paths direct the experience


Based on findings, it was decided to recreate typography of the space using variety of resources, to specify the most popular places, describe trajectories of the environment, to provide sense of the real space, and to recreate of the artworks in the digital version.


  • Recreating the topography and trajectories, using Minecraft developer software as well as maps, surveys and GPS mapping.
  • Recreating main artworks using Minecraft was a challenge, because of Minecraft limitation. However, using bigger scale and nonstandard solution help to solve the problem and create consistent world.
  • To improve the experience couple of additional interactive elements were used, like usable items, dogs following visitors and other animals, which recreates countryside character of the space and provides substitute for contact with nature. What is more, to make the experience closer to reality, modification were used, which recreate natural light, textures, movements and weather.
  • During the last stage local network was created as well as multiplayer mode, used for the testing session with Ratho Primary School, to recreate social use of the space.






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Testing session with Ratho Primary School

  • Children accepted convention and the differences between real and digital
  • Artworks from the real world were recognised
  • Topography of the real world was recognised and used for trajectories
  • Need for more interaction – building and creating







Read more on Jupiter Artland website

The project was also presented during DEMOfest 2015 – an annual technology showcase of leading Informatics and Computer Science research from Scottish Universities.